Bolliger S.p.A.
Special transport

Special transport


We help you to move your pets from and to other countries, paying the outmost attention to their needs and making our friends’ experience pleasant and positive. We offer a door to door service, picking your pet up from your home and deliverying it to the new domicile.
Based on the type and size of the pet, we provide suitable cages to ensure its utmost comfort during travel.
Moreover, our office will assist you with the required documentation.


Thanks to our experience gained over the years, Bolliger has fine tuned all the aspects related to the handling of antique and contemporary works of art.
Bolliger provides customized packing and crates to protect individual art objects (installations, paintings, statues, sculptures), private collections, exhibitions and goods of particular value.
The pick up takes place with the help of special vehicles with the necessary equipment to carry out safe loading and unloading.

According to the destination, we follow up with the most appropriate form of shipment (via truck, sea or air). Thanks to years of specialized experience, we are proud to say we can move any work of art at any level anywhere in the world.
We also take care of the customs clearance and special export permits required by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, both for modern and antique works of art.
We take care of all the aspects related to the temporary export of exhibitions that require the ATA carnet.


Musical instruments require extreme care and special attention.
Our specialized workers are experienced in handling fragile and delicate instruments.
Items such upright and grand pianos are only given to qualified staff entirely dedicated to this kind of service, to avoid any damage to either the inner components or the external surface.


We help move your safes, armoured or fireproof cabinets, items made of marble or other types of stone, and any particularly heavy and bulky item.
An on site survey is arranged to verify the access and find the best way to organize the service.


We ship cars and motorbikes all over the world, taking care of the customs clearance.
We build a specific protection crates for your motorcycle upon request


  • 100 years of experience
  • Packing material designed for any need