Bolliger S.p.A.
Warehouse and storage

Warehouse and storage

Bolliger provides you with a large and fully equipped warehouse for handling and storin your household goods, belongings, works of art and documents for short or long periods.

Its 5,000 square meters of surface allows for an overall stowage capacity of 10,000 cubic meters.

Office and warehouse are conveniently located just outside Milan within easy reach of main highways and roads bypassing city congestion.

Storage is done exclusively in different size metal watertight containers.

Our clients can access the storage facility and their container by appointment. To ensure security and privacy all containers are sealed and locked. Keys holders are at the discretion of the client. The delivery of the stored items can be arranged by moving the entire container to the client's residence – a more practical and cost efficient method.

The warehouse is monitored by four 24 hour alarm security systems which are directly connected to local law enforcement. We are also equipped with smoke alarm and water/humidity sensors.

In addition to general insurance Bolliger can provide, upon the client's request, an extended specialized policy.


  • 100 years of experience
  • Handling of partial or complete moving
  • Packing material designed for any need
  • Dedicated Move manager