Bolliger S.p.A.
Office and industrial moves

Office and industrial moves

Bolliger provides customised solutions to companies moving their offices to a new site.
Given the importance of such an operation, good planning and effective organisation are essential.

We move your offices, stores, labs, data processing center, industrial equipment, workshops, archives accurately and professionally.

We carry out a pre-move survey to assess timing, requirements and special needs and to acquire information about the final layout, which allows us to understand your priorities.

Timing is planned to meet corporate requirements and minimise production downtime. That’s why, operations can be carried out throughout the weekend.

We handle heavy and bulky equipment using special machinery, while our standard service includes the move of archives, IT equipment and printers.


Bolliger also manage your archives, which are transferred to our warehouse and catalogued to allow you to find and consult the various files more easily and us to deliver them within a short time.


  • 100 years of experience
  • Handling of partial or complete moving
  • Packing material designed for any need
  • Dedicated Move manager
  • Survey on site to define timing and layout
  • Accurate planning to minimize production downtime