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Removals By road

Removals By road

Boliger’s experience and commitment have always ensured its clients’ peace of mind and satisfaction. The aim is to turn a potentially stressful situation, such as a removal, into a positive experience.


With a direct removal, the dates of collection and delivery are agreed based on client’s need and the move is carried out by the same team.
With a groupage service (recommended for small volumes), more removals having the same destination are grouped together. The goods are delivered on agreed dates, which are based on the availability and the schedule of the truck. This way, you can reduce costs keeping a high quality service.
Moreover, you can use a returning vehicle for all removals from a European city. In this case, the collection date is agreed with the client based on the vehicle’s transit. 
Removals in EEC area don’t need special documentation. In the event the goods must be collected from or delivered to a non-European country, Bolliger will take care of the customs clearance.


We provide the packing material, we dismantle the furniture and we pack your household goods and belongings.
We select the most suitable vehicle from our fleet based on the type of removal.
At destination, our team will unpack all the boxes, reassemble the furniture, arrange all the goods, and remove and dispose of the packing material.


The quote our sales department provides is customized, free and without commitment.
The final price will depend on:

  • the volume of the goods: two apartments of the same size can have different removal volumes. Having a few boxes to handle or moving all the furniture affect the final cost.
  • the distance between origin and destination
  • the cities of departure and arrival, the addresses and access floors
  • the timing required
  • the type of removal required (direct or groupage)

You’ll receive our quote shortly after providing us with this information.
It’s also important to highlight:

  • particular dismantling and reassembling
  • access conditions: at origin and at destination i.e. narrow roads that require the use of small vehicles, presence/absence of lifts, need for parking permits


It’s important not to underestimate the quantity of items a house can contain. 
Please send us a list of all the household goods (you may also indicate the dimensions) or some photos.
Based on these informations, we will assess the volume and prepare our offer without the need to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, one of our staff members will do a free of charge survey at your house to evaluate the personal effects and pieces of furniture to be moved, assessing the volumes and the peculiarity of the removal.


  • 100 years of experience
  • Handling of partial or complete moving
  • Packing material designed for any need
  • Dedicated Move manager
  • Certified partners all over the world
  • Member of all the main moving networks