Bolliger S.p.A.


Bolliger is not just about moving. Thanks to the constant desire for growth, we are committed to meet the different demands from the market in a perspective of constant development.

Through our dense network of connections all over the world, we are able to carry out projects that involve the handling of materials and furniture to be used in the setting up of stores, showrooms and shops.

We can take care of both the dismantling and the reassembling processes, not only for a change of location or the opening of a new store, but also for the organization of travelling events that involve several cities, in view of special events and/or advertising campaigns, replicating the same installations in each different city.

We provide for the dismantling and protection of all furniture elements, including shelving, displays and mannequins, and we are also equipped to handle the most fragile and heavy components, paying extreme care during transport. Once we arrive at the destination, we proceed with the unpack and replace at destination, following the agreed layout and timing.

We pay the utmost attention to the needs of the client and the committee of reference, and we are available to work after the closing time of the store in order to perfect the set, which will be ready for the reopening of the following day.

A constant and punctual communication with the customer is guaranteed. We send a complete post-installation report for the evaluation of the work done.


The management of the relocation, renovation or opening of a hotel or accommodation facility usually involves critical issues compared to a simple move, that Bolliger recognizes and faces relying on many years of experience.

The handling of a high number of rooms and their furnishings, indoor gyms, conference rooms, kitchens and dining areas is addressed by subdividing the components into different areas of expertise.

Upholstered furniture, decorative lighting, carpets, technical and decorative curtains, works of art and interior signs are relocated following the instructions provided by the client.

All the "customized" products are moved: sheets, towels, bathrobes, uniforms, mattresses, objects for catering, gym equipment, furnishings and accessories for conference areas and common places, equipment for wellness areas, supplies for the hygiene of the rooms.

Art works, paintings, photographs, decorations are managed with great care.

The utmost attention is paid to the protection and respect of the structure in which we operate, safeguarding and preserving the environments (walls, floors, ornaments) so that the activity is of minimal impact.