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Pet Service

Pet Service

We assist our customers in the shipment of pets to and from abroad, paying the utmost attention to the needs of their small friends and ensuring safety and optimal travel conditions.
If the dates of the removal do not match with the move of your pet, we can plan a temporary stay at an equipped facility until the time of departure, in order to prepare all the required medical documentation and take care of the airport check-in operations.
Our service includes both the collection from the house of departure and the delivery to the house of destination. Depending on the type and size of the animal we provide special carriers, made of highly resistant wood - different from the one commonly used - with reinforced grids or side holes that guarantee constant ventilation inside the carrier. Double side opening and double security system, as well as the handles facilitate the grip and simplify handling at the airport, thus avoiding annoying shocks. Bowls for food and water together with a non-slip mat at the bottom of the cage are always available to the animal.
For travel by road, we rely on specialized personnel able to take care of the animals and help in case of malaise. We use air-conditioned vehicles suitable for long-haul transport, making several stops to allow rest, thus reducing the stress of travel, feeding and make a short walk.
Movements by air shall be carried out in accordance with the rules laid down by the reference airline.


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