Bolliger S.p.A.


With the experience gained over the years, Bolliger has perfected all aspects related to the handling of works of art.
Our customers are Collectors, Private people, Auction Houses, Galleries, Museums, Trade Fairs and Cult Organizations, Foundations, Artists, Antique Delears and Restorers. Our goal is to make the works travel in total safety.                                                

Our headquarters is equipped with an internal carpentry that allows the productions of tailor-made packaging suitable for every type of works of art: installations, paintings, statues, sculptures, antique books, collections, antique and design furniture, glass, ceramics and fragile objects, vintage cars.
Our crates are made of fumigated wood, accompanied by relative certification and are padded with materials that can absorb vibrations and shocks.

We provide customer support for obtaining all Export Licenses:  

  • Autocertificazione di Arte Contemporanea (AAC)
  • Attestato di Libera Circolazione (ALC)
  • Attestato di Circolazione Temporanea (ACT)
  • Dichiarazione sotto valore Euro 13.500,00 (DVAL)
  • Licenza di Esportazione Definitiva o Temporanea – Permanent/Temporary Export License
  • Certificato di Avvenuta Importazione (CAI) – temporary importation from EXTRA-CEE countries
  • Certificato di Avvenuta Spedizione (CAS) - temporary importation from CEE countries

We also take care of all customs operations both in export and import. We follow all aspects related to the temporary export of exhibition or travelling exhibitions, accopanied by ATA-CANET.
We organize transport by truck, air and ocean.
Our transport by truck are carried out with suitable vehicles and can be both groupage and dedicate
For shipments by air we use agents specialized in the art sector in order to provide the customer with an adequate and safe service.

Bolliger also offers accrochage and set-up services for exhibitions and fairs thanks to our highly specialized staff.

All the works transported by us can be covered by an insurance policy "All Risks" nail by nail.


When art meets design and decorations transform common elements into precious art manufacts, Bolliger offers its services both for packing and handling of fine porcelain, stylish and/or antique pieces of furniture, and design accessories.

We assist stores and manufacturers of design furniture to send individual pieces to buyers around the world, handling them with the utmost care and the most suitable protection.


As a consequence of e-commerce development, Bolliger warehouse can also act as a logistic hub for both national and international Auction Houses. The pieces will be kept in our premises. The client can decide whether to pick up the bought lots directly from the warehouse, or request a quote for home delivery, anywhere in the world.


Musical instruments require extreme care and special attention.
Our specialized workers are experienced in handling fragile and delicate instruments.
Items such upright and grand pianos are only given to qualified staff entirely dedicated to this kind of service, to avoid any damage to either the inner components or the external surface.



  • 100 years of experience
  • Packing material designed for any need