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Moving to another house, city or country is a huge change and one of the first sources of stress. Choose a reliable removal company to avoid surprises and maintain your peace of mind.


“A home has always been the intimate and welcoming environment where people feel safe and peaceful. Bolliger aims to re-create this dimension in the new house”.


OVER 100 YEARS of experience
OVER 2000 removals per year
150 countries covered
600 companies that have chosen Bolliger throughout the years
A team of 30 professionals
A warehouse of over 5000 square metres
MORE THAN 600 certified partners all over the world


Every relocation is a unique experience.
That’s why we provide a top-quality and customised service, leaving nothing to chance. Our packaging is made of high-quality materials and can meet any requirement.
Our professional team is always happy to give our clients advice and assistance throughout the moving process. Our network reaches every corner of the world, thanks to our numerous agents and reliable partners.
That’s how we ensure the highest quality standards, all over the world.


We take care of any delicate and complicated relocation of employees and managers of national and international companies around the world.
We take care of relocations of diplomats and officials of international institutions and organisations.
We move your office, lab, industrial equipment and machinery, production lines and archives.
We take care of the relocation of our private clients, whether individuals or entire families.


Our network is a guarantee:

  • FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux)
  • FAIM (FIDI Accredite International Mover) 
  • IAMX (International Association of Movers Mobility Exchange)
  • IMA (International Mobility Alliance)
  • ANIT (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Traslocatori)
  • MATT (Moving Systems)



We are certified FIDI-FAIM certification, i.e. the most important certification for international movers, entrusted to Ernst&Young inspectors who are trained to assess the company’s stability and the quality of the services and procedures.


Bolliger’s heart beats for the environment. The effort of the company and its employees aims to make the business as sustainable as possible.
The protection of the environment, the first call and driving force of human movements, is of primary importance and the basis of investments for the future.

Which steps have been taken so far?

  • The vehicle fleet includes only EUR 6 vehicles, with the aim of replacing them entirely with electric vehicles by 2030 in order to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum.
  • An electric forklift has been purchased and introduced for the eco-friendly handling of goods in our warehouses.
  • Groupage mode in land and sea transport is becoming increasingly widespread, allowing more removals to be combined on the same vehicle.
  • The use of a compactor for paper, cardboard, wood and iron and a careful differentiation of the material results in an effective recycling activity.
  • Materials (paper, cardboard and wood) of the highest quality and 100% recyclable have been introduced.
  • The entire management of the service is digital, without any paper support (except for the documents required at the customs level).
  • We assist customers in the operations necessary for a correct disposal of appliances and/or electronic equipment that require special procedures.
  • Communication and transparency in achieving the objectives set will be ensured by annual reports.


  • 1909 Arthur Bolliger opens the historic headquarters in Piazza di Spagna, Rome.
  • 1915 Bolliger moves the Embassy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from Piazza Venezia in Rome to Vienna.
  • 1919 Bolliger buys its first trucks, which are former army vehicles from WW1.
  • 1930 Bolliger develops one of the first agent networks in Europe and overseas involving door-to-door shipments in wooden lift vans.
  • 1950 Bolliger is one of the founding members of FIDI (Fédération International de Déménageurs Internationaux). Today FIDI has 600 agents in 100 countries and is the world’s largest association for our industry.
  • 1966 Bolliger moves its offices to the prestigious Palazzo Mignanelli in Piazza di Spagna.
  • 1973 Bolliger opens the office in Via Boccaccio, Milan. The warehouse is located in Piazza Udine.
  • 1975 Bolliger’s New York offices are inaugurated, with warehouses located in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • 1975 Bolliger opens an office in London and acquires warehouses in Park Royal Road.
  • 1975 Bolliger inaugurates new offices and warehouses in Via dei Buonvisi, Rome.
  • 1975 Bolliger moves its Milan headquarters to Via Palmieri.
  • 1980 Bolliger opens an office in Madrid, Spain
  • 1982 Bolliger becomes an exclusive agent for Allied International in Italy.
  • 1985 Bolliger is a founding member of the Overseas Moving Network (OMNI).
  • 1993 Bolliger is the first moving company in Italy to gain the ISO 9001 certification.
  • 2000 Bolliger acquires FIDI FAIM certification globally known for quality moving.
  • 2003 Bolliger receives the Allied International President’s Award.
  • 2004 Bolliger moves its Rome offices to Via Fosso della Magliana.
  • 2008 Bolliger is expanding, warehouses and offices move to Via Piave, Pero, Milan.
  • 2009 Bolliger celebrates 100 years of service.
  • 2017 Change at the Top Management and entry of Clement Bolliger as new President.
  • 2019 Opening of the new Relocation Department.
  • 2021 Opening of the new Fine Art Department.