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Removals By sea

Removals By sea

Moving to another country and changing habits can be a daunting experience. And if you add all the stress related to the removal of your house with all your belongings and furniture, then it can be really challenging! If you're not an expert, it's not easy to take care of all the aspects related to an international removals: the packing, the type of transport, customs bureaucracy and the delivery to the country of destination.
Trusting Bolliger means choosing a company specialized in international removals that carries out the job professionally, providing a door-to-door service. It also relieves you from taking care of many aspects and prevents you from making all the mistakes resulting from a DIY approach or relying on unprofessional companies, especially when it comes to customs requirements and restrictions.
New York and the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, are some of the main destinations that we serve regularly, but whatever is the destination of your international move, Bolliger will be able to assist you.


Removals in containers imply the use of a container which is dedicated to a single client. Depending on the volume, suitably packed belongings and household goods are loaded on 20', 40' or 40' high-cube containers.
Removals in liftvans (LCL - Less than Container Load) are used for small moves that don't need to rent an entire and dedicated container. The goods are packed and placed in ISPM15 certified wooden crates that are consolidated with other shipments inside a shared container.
Every item must be packed and stowed properly, in order to resist to eventual impacts that may be caused by rough sea or handling operations at the port. Our professional packing material is more resistant than the normal one, it can withstand greater loads when stowed and stacked.


Our import and export department manages every day small and big removals by surface or by air, from any country to any country.
Every relocation is a new challenge, but the aim is always the same: we work together to provide to our clients the best service.
Our office will assist you with all the procedures to obtain the permits and certificates from the competent authority, such as Consulates, Town Halls or Prefectures. And we help you prepare and fill in customs clearance documents. The documentation required allows the client to get a duty free shipment whenever possible.
We also provide you with information about the regulations in force in the country of destination and we check all the contents during the packing to prevent you from including prohibited or harmful items.


Bolliger works together with companies that operate in the customs and maritime industry and relies on a network of selected agents all over the world. Our network allows us to guarantee a widespread territorial coverage and an high-quality service.
We attend every year to several international meetings that enables us to consolidate our partnership.


Our offer is a guarantee of reliability, as it allows us to make the difference and set us apart from unprofessional companies that offer low rates for services that are often not specified at all.
Our offer is clear. Inclusions and exclusions are always specified.
We recommend asking for a quote as soon as possible, so you can have the time to make a decision and confirm the dates, especially during summer, which is the busiest time of the year.

The quote our sales department provides is customized, free and without commitment.
The final price will depend on:

  • the volume of the goods: two apartments of the same size can have different removal volumes. Having a few boxes to handle or moving all the furniture affect the final cost.
  • the cities of departure and arrival, the addresses and access floors
  • the timing required


It is important not to underestimate the amount of objects and personal belongings in the house.
To evaluate the quantity of things to be moved, it is useful to send a detailed list of all the household goods (possibly indicating the size) or photographs or videos.
Our specialized team will assess the final volume, provide a first offer and a personalized consultancy without the need to arrange an appointment.
An increasingly widespread and useful option for a precise but more convenient and fast evaluation is the virtual survey. The piece of furniture and all the contents to be moved are shown through a video-call (usually via WhatsApp, but if required also via Teams, Skype, Zoom…) during which all aspects of the move can be discussed, just as if we were physically at client's home.
Alternatively, one of our surveyors can perform a pre-move survey at the house (totally free of charge and no obligation) in order to carefully taking note of all the goods to be moved, assessing the volume and all the peculiarities of the move.


Packing is the first and most important step in guaranteeing quality services. It is the essential part of your move - dedicated to the care and security of your precious belongings. That is why Bolliger has transformed packing into the state of the art.
Using advanced techniques to achieve this objective, we custom fit our packaging to the client’s needs and expectations.We have always paid special attention to the quality of the materials used that must withstand mechanical stress and protect against weather agents.
Fragile, precious, antique, heavy or bulky items are packed with extreme care and expertise.
Exclusive wrapping materials are used specifically for works of art, fine antique furniture, Murano glass, crystal, chandeliers, fine wine and liqueur collections. We take great pride in the special care and handling we give to your most cherished possessions.
We provide wardrobe-boxes where you can hang your clothes.
Protection crates are built by our carpenters to protect high-value fragile items (lamps, crystals, glasses, mirrors, paintings, marble items and vases). The wood used undergoes phytosanitary treatment.
Every box is labelled on-site with the name of the client, a progressive number and a specific inventory is filled out.
Our experienced packers are totally dedicated to their job. Their years of worldwide service combined with the most refined techniques make them experts in the field – motivated by their commitment to satisfying our clients.



We take care of all the necessary authorization as parking permits for our trucks and we place no-parking signs.


We use outside elevators to reach the highest floors or to handle bulky items more easily.


We help move your safes, armoured or fireproof cabinets, items made of marble or other types of stone, and any particularly heavy and bulky item.
An on site survey is arranged to verify the access and find the best way to organize the service.


We ship cars and motorbikes all over the world, taking care of the customs clearance.
We build a specific protection crates for your motorcycle upon request.



  • 100 years of experience
  • Handling of partial or complete moving
  • Packing material designed for any need
  • Dedicated Move manager
  • Certified partners all over the world
  • Member of all the main moving networks