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Bolliger handles international air freight for your removal. International removers since 1909.

Air freight is the fastest way to handle your removals. As with all types of overseas removals, you need to entrust a specialised company that can manage any technical and bureaucratic aspect.
Bolliger – with its network of international partners and top-quality air freight packaging – can safely handle goods in over 150 countries.

How does air freight shipping work?
What procedures need to be implemented to make sure that goods arrive at destination intact? Let’s see them together.
Air freight shipping uses specific crates stowed in cargo aircraft. Of course, goods must be packed professionally, complying with every technical and bureaucratic regulation and aviation law.

In air freight removals, every item must be packed to perfection in reinforced boxes or crates to resist any turbulence that may occur during an overseas flight.
If the final destination is a non-European country, you must make sure to use ISPM15-certified pallets and crates, which means that they must be painted and thermally treated against parasites.
In overseas removals, even if you choose air freight, you need to fill out the bill of lading, which is a document that must be included in the shipping. Bolliger – a leading company in sea freight shipping and international removals – helps you with the documentation, keeping you away from stress.

Air freight removals involve extensive bureaucratic and logistics competence to make your goods travel in compliance with aviation laws. Rely on the expertise of Bolliger professionals and make your goods arrive safely at destination.