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Bolliger has been handling shipments to over 150 countries for over 100 years. From top-quality packaging to no bureaucracy, our customers reward us with their reviews.

Over the years, we have collected many reviews that make us proud of the service we have been providing. Bolliger has over 100 years of experience in quality removals. Every year, we carry out over 2000 removals! We serve 150 countries, thanks to a network of over 600 certified partners all over the world. A team of 30 professionals and a logistics warehouse of over 5000 square metres ensure total customer satisfaction, which becomes our reputation, thanks to your wonderful reviews.

Moving is a life-changing event behind which there are many elements, which don’t always emerge from the reviews. We want to show you why choosing Bolliger can make the difference! Reviews related to removals don’t always describe the anxiety involved when you relocate to a new country or continent. Stressful moments can be minimised if you choose an organised and competent company like Bolliger. Let us take care of everything, from logistics to packaging and bureaucracy.

Reviews are written once everything is over and people forget to mention the importance of the survey, which is something that only a professional company can ensure as an essential step in the process. Imagine how important it is to have a clear and accurate quote before starting operations. Bolliger’s professionalism emerges from these two elements, which are part of our standard procedure.

Logistics is the core of quality removals. As your reviews confirm, all items you entrust to Bolliger (no matter how precious or bulky) arrive in perfect conditions at destination, and packaging is one of the reasons for this. We use the best packaging materials to ensure protection and resistance even under particular conditions during sea and air freight shipping.

Reviews don’t always mention the over 600 partners that allow us to move goods to over 150 countries or the certifications Bolliger has, including the FIDI – FAIM certifications, which are the strictest and most important ones for international removals. What reviews don’t tell are the hundreds of bureaucratic tasks that need to be carried out for overseas removals. Bolliger takes care of them and never lets you deal with bills of lading and customs clearance papers alone.

In the end, you’ll be happy you chose us for your international removal, which will be the beginning of a new fantastic adventure.
This is what makes us happy and proud.

Removals involve extensive bureaucratic and logistics competence to make your goods arrive at destination. Rely on the expertise of Bolliger professionals and make your goods arrive safely at destination stress-free!

Bolliger, review-proof quality removals!