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ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE: we are the best choice for moving your offices and laboratories. From packaging to the use of professional boxes, your business is safe with us!

Is your company moving to a larger and better-positioned location and you need to organise the removal? Remember that transferring headquarters and offices takes time and a huge logistics effort. Trust Bolliger’s experience to make operations easier and faster!
All removals must be planned accurately but when moving headquarters and offices, attention (even to detail) must be doubled. Let’s take a look at Bolliger’s best practices for an excellent result:

Packaging – to avoid last-minute operations, you need to start transferring your headquarters and offices weeks in advance, trying to minimise discomfort for employees. Try to dispose of the things you no longer need.
Our staff is trained to take care of every critical situation during the transfer of headquarters and offices. Handling archives and IT tools (servers, computers, hard disks, printers, photocopiers, etc.) or laboratory machinery won’t be a problem.
To speed up these operations, every collaborator must take care of their own items (archives, documents, etc.).
Transferring headquarters and offices can also be an opportunity for sorting out the whole organisation.  

The day of the removal - At this stage of the headquarters and offices transfer, professional help is essential to dismantle bulky furniture (such as professional printers and photocopiers that must be lifted by at least two people) and carry the boxes. Our experienced professional removers can take care of these operations quickly and risk-free.
We are also equipped to move special equipment such as safes and heavy and bulky lab machinery.

Moreover, we don’t only take care of the headquarters and offices transfer, but we also assemble and dismantle your furniture. We use specific packaging to handle your equipment and machinery in full safety conditions.
On the day when the headquarters and offices transfer begins, we ask a company representative to be present and help our staff so that everything goes smoothly.
At the new headquarters, we arrange all the elements. If possible, we recommend the presence of IT technicians since the very beginning to make electronic devices work since day one!

Bureaucracy - headquarters and offices transfers include a bureaucratic part, which is different from the bureaucracy related to a house. From the intended use of the space to compliance with architectural barrier regulations, and the conformity of the installations and conforming toilet facilities, Bolliger will be there to help you.

Headquarters and offices transfers are very different from moving a house, as it requires the presence of industry experts. Rely on the expertise of Bolliger professionals to handle your business in full safety conditions!