Bolliger S.p.A.


Bolliger spa carries out sea freight in over 150 Country. We package and handle your goods carefully to make sure their safety and integrity throughout the journey.

Accurately planning a sea freight shipping is essential when it comes to international removals. Entrusting a specialised company to manage all these aspects is essential. Bolliger – with its network of international partners and top-quality sea freight packaging – has been ensuring the utmost safety and reliability, which have made it a leading company in this sector.

How does sea freight work?
What procedures need to be implemented to make sure that goods arrive at destination intact? Let’s see them together.
Compared to other handling methods, sea freight takes longer but it’s also more cost-effective. Goods are loaded in 20 ft (6 m) or 40 ft (12 m) containers stowed on ships. Only the length can change. The smaller container is sufficient for a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment. If you are taking less, then a pallet, which equals 12 boxes, can be enough.
Packaging and goods safety are extremely important when it comes to sea freight. Every item must be packed to perfection to resist violent impacts due to rough sea and be secured to the bottom of the container.

When it comes to sea freight, bureaucratic procedures are extremely complicated.
If the final destination of the sea freight is a non-European country, you must make sure to use ISPM15-certified pallets and crates, which means that they must be painted and thermally treated against parasites.

In overseas removals, even if you choose sea freight, you need to fill out the bill of lading, which is a document that must be included in the shipping.
Bolliger – a leading company in sea freight shipping and international removals – helps you with the documentation, keeping you away from stress.

Sea freight involves extensive bureaucratic and logistics competence to make sure that your goods travel safely, even if conditions are harsh. Rely on the expertise of Bolliger professionals and make your goods arrive safely at destination.